5 Bullet Friday

A quick post inspired by Tim Ferriss’ 5 Bullet Friday

What I’m Reading:
How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams (you know - the guy who draws Dilbert).

Fav Quote: “Goals are for losers. Systems are for winners.”
Fascinating ideas on how to manage life and work and insight into Scott’s life. Full review coming soon.

Song of the Week:
North by “Sleeping At Last”. Wow, just discovered this band. Great music to chill out with a glass of red wine and ponder the past week. And Son.. goosebumps - the lyrics are really moving.

Person of Interest:
Etienne de Villiers
Great to catch up with an old friend and brainstorm some crazy ideas. Etienne has built some amazing games and Augmented-Reality apps!

What I’m listening to:
Tim Ferriss podcast with Ed Norton.
Great insight into the under-rated movies, crowd funding and more.

Thought provoker:
Sometimes a change of perspective can turn your whole world-view upside-down…