5 Bullet Friday

What I’m listening To:
Smart Passive Income Pocast: How To Level Up Your Life.
Wow - so pumped after listening to this podcast. It reinforces a lot of what I learned in “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big”; If you want to get fit / healthy / successful you need a system to make it a daily habit and remove the need for any willpower.

What I’m Reading:
Will It Fly by Pat Flynn (On special right now for $2.99)

This is the first book by the guy from the SPI podcast above. Just started reading it, but very down to earth and practical guide on how to test your business idea before launching it - and before potentially wasting lots of time and money.

What I’m Watching:
I recently indulged in an Apple TV (and cut off my overpriced DSTV). Netfix has a great selection of documentaries. My favourite by far is Cowspiracy - also been watching a doccie on Nikola Tesla, and Living on One Dollar a Day - an inspirational film about 4 guys who live on $1/day in rural Guatamala to see how the majority of the world lives.

What I’m Playing:
The Apple TV also has games! I’ve been racing around Asphalt 8, great fun.

Quote of the Week:

“Money doesn’t fix money problems” ~ MJ DeMarco

Takes a while to figure out, but it is so true! Just look at most lottery winners, for example these two “winners”, who after 8 months of living large, were back to the state asking for money to survive!